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How to improve the clarity of LED display?

Jan 11,2022 152 views

With the development of the times, full-color LED display, as the main carrier of advertising and information updating, has become the trend of the times. High definition video often gives people a shocking visual experience and more realistic performance. The completion of high-definition display has two parts. One is that the source requests Full HD, and the other is that the screen requests Full HD. In fact, full-color LED display is developing towards high-definition display. How to make the LED full-color display clearer?

1、 Improve the contrast of LED full-color display

Contrast is an important factor affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the illumination, the brighter the image and the more gorgeous the color. High contrast illuminance helps to improve the clarity, detail effect and gray performance of the image.

For some large black and white text, video display and high light full-color LED display has advantages in black-and-white contrast, clarity and integrity. Contrast has a greater impact on the effect of dynamic video phenomena. Due to the fast light-dark conversion speed of dynamic images, the higher the degree of illumination, the easier it is for human eyes to distinguish this process. In fact, the improvement of non-cooperative scheduling of full-color LED display is mainly to reduce the brightness and screen appearance reflectivity of full-color LED display, but the higher the brightness, the better, it will not be too high but will have a reaction. Now light pollution has become a hot spot. It can affect the environment and people. Led full-color screen and LED lamp tube can stop special process treatment, reduce the reflectivity of LED panels and improve the non-coordinated scheduling of LED display screens.

2、 Improve the gray level of full-color LED display

The gray level is a brightness series that can be distinguished between the basic color and the darkest brightness by the true color LED display screen. The higher the gray level of full-color LED display, the richer the color and the more gorgeous the color. And vice versa, the color is simple. The increase of gray level greatly improves the depth of color and displays the color of the image in an exponential manner. The LED brightness is controlled between 14bit and 16bit, and the high-end display products have reached the international advanced level in image level resolution and detail display effect. With the development of hardware technology, the gray level of LED has high control accuracy at any time.

3、 Reduce the spacing of LED full-color displays

Reducing the LED full-color screen spacing can improve the definition, and the smaller the full-color LED screen spacing, the more delicate the display. However, to achieve this goal, we must take mature technology as the core support. It is a relatively large investment cost. The price of LED full-color screens is also very high, but fortunately, the market is still developing towards LED display screens with smaller spacing.

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