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itc Indoor LED Video Wall in United International University

Location: Bangladesh Product: P1.87 itc LED screen 2022-07-21 1,824

United International University (UIU), located in Dhaka, is the Top Ranked private university in Bangladesh. The mission of UIU is to create excellent human resources with intellectual, creative, technical, moral and practical skills to serve the community, industry and region.

To achieve this mission, UIU takes a series of programs and activities to provide youth with state-of-the-art education and congenial environment. And the auditorium is often used to hold activities, such as academic discussions, book unveiling ceremonies, orientation activities, cultural performances, etc.

The LCD screen originally installed in the auditorium has obvious seams, and the screen connection is not smooth. After using it for a period of time, the screen appeared uneven color, dead lights, black screen and other phenomena, resulting in incomplete display of information during the event.

Therefore, UIU replaced the original screen with itc indoor full-color LED video wall of P1.87. itc LED screen, featured seamless connection, adopts unique image quality enhancement technology to effectively improve image clarity, and the high-speed screen is smooth and has no smear.

itc LED screen also supports gamma correction technology to correct the color point by point, achieving smooth screen display. In addition, there is an intelligent light control function, which can intelligently adjust the brightness, and improve viewing comfort.

The connectors of the itc LED screen wick are all gold-plated to prevent poor contact caused by oxidation. And the nano-coating technology is used to effectively reduce the short-circuit problem of lamp beads caused by humid air; even if a fault occurs, only a single module needs to be maintained, with low maintenance cost and fast speed.

itc LED screens received high levels of customer satisfaction with top-class technology and excellent display effects. We are glad to contribute to the construction of teaching facilities in the university and to brighten up the students' life in school.

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