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The Reason We Love itc So Much is _____

2021-06-25 854

At the end of June, itc held a warm and ceremonious employee birthday party like what we used to do every month. This time, itc hereby celebrated the birthday of 269 family members (Hill office) born in May and June.

For more than 20 years, itc has been a 100% warm home!

Now, birthday party becomes our cultural tradition. And this year, the itc birthday party in Hill Office with nearly 2,000 employees and workers has been fully upgraded. There are more interactions and benefits. Time flies, itc remains, warmth remains!

As always, our CEO Zhao still went on stage to send blessings to the birthday family.  For years, Zhao has been there for us in every birthday party. His words can always encourage us and improve cohesion in laughter. The funny thing is, this time, the new employee Teng pigged out and finally understood the reason why his colleagues can’t lose weight for years.

itc workers have a joy time when we have a birthday party. Food and game get-togethers make itc have a friendly and encouraging environment to work and step forward with the company.

With joy, Simple game is no longer simple

Love is to miss each other, to be together

In addition to the monthly birthday party, itc also holds a holiday party at each special festival, giving gifts and care to the family.

For years, itc has become a warm home for employees that change from dozens, hundreds to thousands. Thanks for growing up with ITC. The road to dreams is long, but everything will fine as long as we are together. In the future, we should continue to illuminate each other, and wish you all the best and happiness! Create more success and brilliance with itc!

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