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itc Industrial Park Groundbreaking Ceremony was a Great Success!

2020-12-20 672

"Panyu Daily" reported on the groundbreaking ceremony of the itc industrial park project.

On December 9th, itc held a launch ceremony for the industrial park on the north side of Asian Games Avenue. Leaders from relevant departments of Panyu District attended the site. Itc Chairman Zhu Zhenghui and Zhang Changhua, President Zhao Dingjin, General Manager Ruan Shenglin, and more than a hundred people including shareholders, employee representatives, industry experts, and partners attended the launching ceremony to witness the event!

New start, new journey, new chapter.

During the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Zhenghui, the Board Chairman of itc, expressed a warm welcome to all the guests who came to the ceremony, and the most sincere gratitude to all the leaders and friends from all walks of life who have always followed and supported the development of itc in his speech.

He added that, 27 years ago, itc was just a small public address system company with dozens of employees. But now, it has four office buildings for marketing headquarters and R&D center, four factories, 128 suboffices all over the country, and partners all over the world. More importantly, itc is constantly growing. The ceremony marks that the new industrial park is about to rise up.  Without a doubt, itc has taken a big step in its own development and embarked on a new starting point and a new journey! In the future, we can say with confidence that itc will become an intelligent, informative, and more competitive high-tech enterprise.

Lay a solid foundation, hit a record high.

In the sound of music and gun salute, the leaders and the guests took the golden shovel and laid a foundation for the Industrial Park together, sowing the seeds of hope for the development of itc. With the common witness and wishes of people presented, the ceremony of the new industrial park achieved a great success.

New base, industrial upgrade, new momentum.

Thanks to strong R&D production and sales strength, itc develops rapidly in Audiovisual&Lighting System field in recent years. With the constantly rising business and market, it is imperative to invest more capital and equipment to build a new industrial park pursuant to the future development plan.

On the basis of existing capacity, the company will build a modern, simple and elegant industrial park as production and manufacturing base for all products of the company. The total planned land area reaches to 52066, and the construction period lasts from 2021 to 2023.

The industrial park covers a modern factory, production workshop, experimental base, logistics storage, office building and staff dormitory. The company strives to build a modern production base with industry benchmark significance, which integrates production, technical research and development, logistics and intelligent manufacturing to jointly build the unique competitive itc independent research, production and marketing system together with current marketing headquarters and R&D center of itc.

Innovation quality, first-class brand, industry benchmark.

itc independently develops and produces public address, conference sound, LED video wall, HD recording, stage lighting and other systems, customizing for users to provide an audiovisual & lighting solution that integrates intelligent experience, ecological integration, and infinite compatibility. After 27 years of hard work, itc has accumulated more than 1 million cases, covering world venues such as the Olympics, World Expos, BRICS summits, and many large-scale well-known enterprises. Our products are widely used in schools, hotels, hospitals, public security, command centers, stadiums, group companies, exhibition centers, scenic spots and other places.

As a pioneer in the audiovisual & lighting system, itc is developing rapidly in the wave of the new era. Every product innovation and every management reform is to protect the integrity of contracts with customers. Behind every single product are the efforts of over a hundred engineers. From the product idea to market research, to plan project; from circuit design to software coding, to the delivery of high-quality products to the customer, every product needs of go through five different departments and a dozen of sub-departments before it is launched to the market, with over a hundred of reports produced under rigorous R&D standards and streamlined procedures. At ITC, every single step of product manufacturing has to be perfect.

New start, new journey! itc will regard the foundation and use of the industrial park as an opportunity, keep improving in product R&D and manufacturing, and provide more advanced integrated and intelligent solutions as well as first-rate services for the customers in the Audiovisual&Lighting System industry. itc will certainly seize the momentum and make another splendid achievement. Wish the new industrial park a success and a "bumper harvest"!

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