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LED fine pitch display in the field of radio and television broadcast applications

2021-07-15 833

In the early years, led small spacing electronic screen in the field of radio and television broadcasting, LED small spacing display due to the continuous maturity of process reliability and radio and television-quality gradually replace the traditional splicing screen stock market, effectively enhance the ratings and column broadcast effect.

First, delicate real picture performance.

When shooting at various angles, a wide viewing angle ensures that the quality of the picture is not lost due to the angle change, and the screen surface should not appear molar pattern, including reflective spots;

To deal with the camera's full name tracking shooting, the camera captured the image display details and information need to be clear and unmissable, high color reduction and low bright high gray technology to enhance the level of sense and brightness;

Intelligent brightness adjustment, adapt to different ambient brightness in the broadcast scene, display screen performance is better.

Second, reliable live broadcast quality.

Live broadcast needs to overcome the atmospheric overvoltage, electromagnetic waves, radio and static electricity and other interference to the display;

Because of the rich source of live signal, need to be compatible with all kinds of video signals, signal transmission quality reliable and stable, support all kinds of video and data 7x24 hours non-stop operation display;

In order to avoid broadcasting accidents such as black screens during live broadcasts, the display needs to have a reliable power supply and signal redundancy.

Third, simple and convenient control system.

Can monitor the operation of the screen in real-time, and realize the remote control display real-time playback of the content, timely feedback problems, proposed solutions to ensure normal broadcast;

Any signal switches simultaneously to accommodate different broadcast scenarios and rich signal sources.

Fourth, convenient installation and maintenance.

Choose a more advantageous self-study platform, post-maintenance faster and more accurate;

Screen installation design is exquisite, reserve reasonable maintenance channels, effectively save space.

Not only in the field of radio and television broadcasting, there are indoor display application needs of users in the selection, but also need to consider the LED small spacing display hardware and system advantages.

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