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What is the effect of temperature on LED screen?

2021-11-12 590

The LED screen has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and long life, and has broad development prospects. However, temperature is very important for LED screens. The temperature has a great impact on LED screens: it is related to the service life, light efficiency, and color of LED screens. Therefore, the correct temperature is very important for the large LED screen.

1、 For LED screen, the influence of temperature is as follows:

The high temperatures will cause complete damage to the working temperature of the large LED screen. Exceeding the load temperature of the chip will lead to a sharp decline in the luminous efficiency of the LED screen, resulting in obvious light attenuation and damage; Most LED screens are encapsulated with transparent epoxy resin. If the junction temperature exceeds the solid transition temperature (usually 125 ℃), the packaging material will be transformed into rubber, and the coefficient of thermal expansion will rise sharply, which will open and fail the LED screen.

2、 Increasing the temperature will shorten the service life of LED screen; The life of LED screen is displayed by its light decay, that is, the brightness decreases gradually over time until it finally disappears. Usually, the time that the luminous flux of LED screen decays 30 times is its life.

In general, the causes of LED screen light failure are as follows:

Due to the defects in LED display chip materials, they will increase rapidly at high temperatures until they invade the luminous area and form a large number of non-radiative composite centers, which seriously affects the luminous efficiency of LED displays. In addition, under high-temperature conditions, small defects in the material and impurities rapidly expanding from the interface and plate will enter the light-emitting region and form many deep energy levels, thus accelerating the generation of light energy. Light attenuation of large-screen device.

At higher temperatures, the transparent epoxy resin will change color and affect its light transmittance. The higher the operating temperature, the faster the processing speed. It is another important reason for large screen light attenuation.

The light decay of phosphor is also the main reason for the attenuation of fluorescent screens, which is due to the serious attenuation of phosphor at high temperatures.

Therefore, the main reason for the light attenuation of high-temperature large screens will shorten the service life of indoor-outdoor LED video walls.

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