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What are the characteristics of LED flexible screen?

2021-12-15 704

LED flexible screen is also called LED soft screen. It is composed of LED soft module. LED soft module is a soft module for manufacturing LED screen. It adopts flexible design. So, what are the characteristics of LED flexibility?

LED flexible screen product features:

  • Soft module, unique model selection and convenient installation;
  • The mask is made of silicone resin, flat and free of color difference;
  • Strong flexibility, can be made into any shape as required;
  • Cylindrical, smooth and beautiful image. The signal line and power line between boxes adopt high- speed connection, which is convenient and fast to install, and can be combined with professional audio and video processing system;
  • Support DP, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI, h-SDI and other signal input modes;
  • It can be applied to a variety of installation methods, such as hoisting, ground installation, etc;
  • Standard interface definition, supporting a variety of control card drivers;

LED flexible screen application scenario

Large hotels: column (totem column) LED flexible screen. Can play the effect of hotel decoration. Functionally, it can be used in advertising display, led super clock screen, led split-screen and other applications. Hotels can also launch their own characteristic products and services to attract more customers; The world clock can be placed on the LED column screen. The clock can display the global exchange rate comprehensively, accurately and comprehensively, which is convenient for international friends to query the exchange rate on the same day.

Large commercial supermarkets and other public places where people gather: generally, large shopping malls have large building load-bearing beams, which are monotonous, occupy space and waste space. In these aspects, led cylindrical screen not only solves the column effect but also achieves various commercial promotion purposes: discount promotion, discount promotion and new product listing.


Entertainment places: entertainment places pay more attention to the coordination of sound, light and shadow effects. LED flexible screen can produce LED bar screen, wave LED screen, fan LED screen, flowing LED floor tile screen and other products according to the shape. While making full use of the site, the combination of sound, light and shadow shows a stronger effect.

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