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【Beijing Winter Olympic】Services ramped up for Games

2022-02-12 1,017

On February 4, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games kicked off officially at Beijing’s National Stadium, which is also referred to as “The Bird’s Nest”. Since then, this grand international sports event opens its new chapter.

Themed “Together for a Shared Future”, Beijing 2022 features the most diverse and expansive event programme in the history of the Olympic Winter Games covering from Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Snowboard, Curling to Freestyle Skiing and Bobsleigh, gathering a large number of athletes globally.

All the above competition events for the Winter Games benefit from outstanding and safe venues, which have been divided into three zones, or clusters: Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. 
Zhangjiakou Zone is located in Taizicheng and the adjacent area of Hebei Province's Chongli District, Zhangjiakou, which is planned to encompass an area of approximately 12.03 km². 
As the supplier of audiovisual equipment for the Beijing 2022 Olympic, itc brings a one-stop solution integrating an advanced suite of product systems and services in the National Cross Country Centre and National Ski Jumping Centre in Zhangjiakou Zone to ensure the smooth proceeding of the sports events.

National Cross Country Centre

The National Cross-Country Ski Centre encompasses 106.55 hectares, with 5707 m² of permanent construction and 17400 m² of temporary facility space.  itc cutting-edge pro sound systems present rich and clear sound reinforcement with full audio coverage to the audience area.

National Ski Jumping Centre

Due to the platform's cross-section resembling the S-shaped curve of the ancient Chinese auspicious adornment "Ruyi," National Ski Jumping Center has been named “Snow Ruyi.It is the first ski jumping venue in China that meets international standards and features the highest technical difficulty in the Zhangjiakou host area.

itc professional waterproof line array and speakers achieve optimum coverage with unprecedented accuracy while providing strong weather resistance. 
To reach a wider radiation angle and deliver a high-level audio output, a low-frequency speaker is also adopted with full sound effects. The combination of these systems guarantees premium audio performance with ultra-low distortion and maximum clarity.
The underway Olympic Games witnesses the resilience and the inspiration of the athletes they provided to the world through sport.
We are honored to make joint efforts in such a big international event and convey the most exciting and competitive on-site competition process of the Games to the audience.

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