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itc P1.25 Fine Pixel LED Video Wall Installed In SUNDA building, Jakarta, Indonesia

Location: Product: 2021-06-30 1,936

SUNDA 11 is located in central Jakarta, it is a brand new office building that just going to be finished construction and put into use in the year 2020.  It totally with 12 floors including offices, board room, food court, bar, etc

In the high-end and luxury board room on the 10th floor, our customers want to design a big TV display to realize 4K video play and a high-definition picture showing during board meetings.  At the end year of 2018, with a good chance, itc team began to know this project and made the first overall design with indoor LED video wall pixels including P1.667, P1.56 for P1.25 for customers optional. That was just the first step for this project.

In May 2019, itc team met the owner in SUNDA building and checked the site during the Indonesia business trip, with deep discussion with customer’s engineers and detailed checking about the installation environment, itc team began to update and revise the solution aims at making a perfect LED video wall for this board room.

The building owner, Boss wants to make an elegant, perfect beautiful LED display that must be the best and 100% better than any others, and he likes curve LED types very much. Only LED video walls with panel-by-panel or module by a module can make very good curve shape. Then, itc team updated the solution based on Boss’s request and finally made an agreement with the customer. The final solution is fine pixel P1.25 and with a curve shape.

itc sent engineer Mr. Du went to Jakarta for this project installation guidance, with the customer’s engineers and workers' help and assistance, itc P1.25 LED Indoor has finally been successfully installed in SUNDA building and finally the owner is very much satisfied with the effect. And there are a few more upcoming LED video walls Boss will need for his other rooms in this building!



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