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itc LED Video Wall Project Reference

Location: Product: 2023-02-08 1,431

itc LED displays have been widely used in command centers, enterprises, stadiums, performances, commercial buildings, transportation, cultural tourism and other industries, creating unlimited opportunities for fine management of cities and intelligent life.

Let's enjoy the visual feast brought by itc full-color LED display.

Indonesia PT SUNDA Building

Product: Indoor P1.25 LED video wall

itc high-definition small-pitch LED display is characterized by intelligent brightness adjustment and automatic adaptation to the environment, which effectively solves the problems of poor color performance of the LED display in the command hall and presents ultra-clear picture quality.

itc P1.25 LED display has been successfully installed in SUNDA building, providing 4K high-definition display for efficient and smooth meetings.

Vietnam Vincom Shopping Center

Product: Outdoor P10 LED display with 250 square meters outdoor high-definition LED display was installed on the outside of the Vincom shopping center building, mainly for brand promotion and advertising playback. The screen has high levels of protection including lightning protection, anti-static, moisture resistance, and anti-corrosion. The display screen is natural with delicate and rich colors.

Cambodia Government Conference Room

Product: P2 indoor LED video wall

Three pieces of P2 indoor LED video walls are mounted in the conference room to display meeting information which comes with impressive functionality and full HD resolution. Using state-of-the-art technology for bright, crystal-clear viewing, it enables the conference participants to browse through the screen without eye strain.

Central Bank of Ethiopia

The high-definition LED display on the front stage covers over 100 square meters. Equipped with the smart control system, the eye-friendly screen adjusts the brightness intelligently in response to ambient light; HDR image technology creates images that truly jump alive, while ultra-wide viewing angle display presents clarity from any viewpoint.

Datang Mining Command Center

Product: Indoor P1.25 curved LED screen with 21.6 square meters

LED display, applied in China Datang Guoyuan Mining Dispatching Command Center, integrates various functions such as disaster supervision, analysis and service of coal mine, to ensure real-time monitoring of the latest operating conditions of the underground coal mine, and to issue early warnings in time for comprehensive protection of safe and efficient mine operations.

Shandong Gaoqing Command Center

Product: Indoor P1.25 LED Display

The small-pitch LED display screen is installed in the command hall to display various monitoring and warning information, the trend of disasters, real-time on-site conditions, and other information. With a high refresh rate of up to 3840Hz, itc LED display screen uses microsecond-level display technology, which eliminates ghosting and smearing, and makes for a clearer and smoother display that may provide the command center with more precise information data.

Guangdong Binjiang Sports Center

Product: Outdoor P16 LED display with 408 square meters outdoor LED display with high-definition display effect, ultra-wide viewing angle, super-strong protection ability, high refresh rate, and other performance advantages was used in a first-class stadium that can accommodate approximately 30,000 spectators, effectively escorting various events and activities.

itc Outdoor P16 LED display

itc rewards customers' trust with vibrant display, integrated application features, easy operation, flexible interaction strategies, and other performance advantages.

In 2023, we will continue to adhere to independent research and development, and promote the development of the audiovisual industry and the application of intelligent scenarios!

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