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What preparation work is needed before the construction of LED display solution?

2021-07-06 869

Pre-construction preparations for LED display solution

  • To meet the LED display project electricity requirements (according to 22m2 the maximum power capacity needs 14KW and 2.5 KW);
  • Need to pass the relevant departments of the original structure of the safety assessment;
  • LED display steel structure (including scaffolding, steel structure lighting, strong electricity, weak wire cable laid into the steel structure);
  • LED display must be fireproof, that is, with flame retardant function;
  • In accordance with the contract to determine the duration requirements, fully prepare for production, technology, personnel and materials, to ensure that the delivery to the designated location to complete the installation of related equipment, testing.
  • To contract-related technical indicators and some industry standards as the principle, the development of a detailed quality assurance plan to ensure high-quality and efficient performance of the contract.
  • The formulation of strict safety assurance measures to eliminate all personal, equipment liability accidents, to ensure that the installation and construction period of zero accident rate.
  • Scientific management, orderly production, unity and cooperation, multi-party cooperation, to protect the environment and the original facilities, clean venues.
  • Abide by the provisions of the State on environmental protection, to ensure that no pollution, do not destroy the site environment.

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