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Do you know how to extend the lifespan of LED rental screen?

2022-12-21 941

Nowadays, with the continuous increase of various entertainment activities and press conferences, LED rental screens are being used more and more widely. For example, we can see many stage rentals, song and dance parties, various press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, performance halls, disco bars, nightclubs, important provincial and municipal cultural activities and other places. So do you know how to extend the lifespan of LED rental screens? Here is what itc tells you:

Methods to extend the lifespan of LED rental screen:

Equipment quality and production process

When choosing LED rental screens, we should choose a professional manufacturer, because these manufacturers can ensure the use of high-quality raw materials. There are also professional process specifications and standards for selecting the use of wires, lamp beads, case materials and kit materials. Ensure good quality of equipment at source when selecting suppliers and commodity supply chain.

Regular maintenance should be done during the use

Maintenance in daily use is mainly divided into moisture-proof and collision prevention. LED rental screens are also divided into indoor and outdoor types, so the moisture-proof and anti-collision measures to be taken are also different, outdoor protection measures are higher than indoor standards.

As LED many screen devices themselves through the rental LED according to the professional structure of the bead display surface, the opening and closing of these beads by the constant current drive to provide current control. Therefore, through frequent installation, transportation and disassembly, the lifespan of the equipment will be shortened. If some of the beads on the screen are faulty or some drivers are faulty, please find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, do not solve it yourself, otherwise, there will be a failure LED rental screen causing greater damage.

To sum up, this is the LED selection and extension of rental screen life. Through these two aspects, we can effectively extend the lifespan of LED rental screens to a certain extent, so that they can be used for a longer time.

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