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Should the indoor LED display be cooled?

2021-08-07 729

Indoor led display is also known as many people 90 degrees screen, because this kind of screen is professional for dealing with the angle of the problem indoor led display, the key basic principle is to choose the arc bottom shell system to do, the group arc angle of view is forty-five degrees, in two touch groups put together is 90 degrees, the screen can complete seamless stitching.

This kind of indoor led display is used in the four-way column head screen, the third-order Rubik's Cube screen and other beveled parts, also counted as a new type of goods. Every new product goes out, and many customers ask, do we have to take into account the temperature reduction treatment of the samples and cooling equipment when installing our indoor led display?

Facts tell us that this is not used, indoor led display is a full-color indoor display, brightness in 1000CD, completely suitable for indoor air applications, but the brightness is not very high, said that the resulting heat is not large, and in the screen application of indoor space is basically open air conditioning, that has long been counted as the screen modified cooling equipment, no longer do in addition to the temperature reduction treatment.

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