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itc LED Video Wall Solution for Church

2022-06-29 1,079

Visual technology has become one of the most useful ways to engage a congregation in a modern church environment. LED video walls help improve understanding of scripture passages, sermon points and lyrics. What's more, LED screens are an affordable and effective way to apply to churches around the world.

With side-by-side LED video panels, you can build a seamless large screen in the center and install a smaller or longer bar screen on the side. Most of the time, the side screen of the church is closed to the surrounding congregation, while the large wall in the center can be double the distance. It makes the stage look bigger and allows LED displays to convey messages and worship to the entire congregation. With other project management elsewhere, the production team could easily put all the LED video panels down and build them on the street over the weekend.

How does itc improve the visual comfort of church HD LED displays?

For higher visual comfort, we adopt intelligent control solutions with temperature control and light control technology, which can not only automatically adjust the brightness according to the changes of the surrounding environment and greatly improve the overall energy saving, but also meet 7 * 24 hours of viewing without glare; In addition, with nanosecond display technology, the refresh frame frequency is fast and the refresh rate is high.

How does itc extend the lifespan of high-definition LED Displays in churches?

For long screen lifespan, we adopt smart control solutions, temperature control and light control technology. According to environmental changes, it can automatically adjust the brightness, reduce the brightness of the lamp beads, reduce heat loss, and extend the lifespan. And coating on the lamp bead's surface to avoid moisture.

What about the convenient installation and maintenance of LED screens?

For convenient installation and maintenance, we adopt a single-module magnetic suction technology and a maintenance tool with a custom mold. While ensuring the flatness, it is convenient for front maintenance and suitable for various use environments with space limitations.

  • ITC adopts magnetic suction front maintenance. Display module, signal receiving card, power supply support front maintenance, which saves installation space, and greatly improves the convenience, operability and speed of maintenance.
  • While most other LED brands in the market, only half of the front maintenance products support front maintenance, but their power supply, receiving card and panel cables do not support front maintenance, as they must be maintained from the rear side.


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