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What is the frame rate of LED display?

2021-12-09 1,262

With the continuous improvement of LED display design technology, users have higher and higher requirements for LED display quality. Designing, producing and using high-quality LED display is the common wish of manufacturers and users! Its conversion frame rate determines the stability of LED display screen. What is the frame rate of LED display screen? Let's take a look at the frame rate change of LED display.

The LED display is driven by the current flowing through. If the design of the system end is not considered, the refresh frequency is determined by the addressing time and the current speed flowing through the LED. The calculation formula of refresh rate is:

X frame rate of horizontal synchronous scanning line = refresh rate. Generally, the refresh rate of flat panel display is set to be more than 75, otherwise, it will feel some "flash". In short, it is the number of times the display screen is repeatedly displayed by LED display screen;

LED display frame rate: in addition to system support, the improvement of LED display frame rate needs to speed up the addressing speed, and there is a strong correlation between addressing time and transmission frequency (DCLK).

The number of frames: that is, the frames used to display continuous images within 1 second, that is, how many frames of images are used to display the picture of this second. The higher the number of frames, the smoother it will be. In turn, it will feel that the unsmooth picture "card" is visually uncomfortable.

It is simply the number of information updates on the LED screen per unit time. It is very comfortable when it reaches the fluency of a certain frame.

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