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Unveiling the Application of Smart Modules in LED Display Screens!

2023-10-19 1,280

Every era brings forth different creations, and each product holds its own prospects. By following the trajectory of technological advancement and strategically positioning products for the future, companies become leaders in their industries. itc LED has seized the current AI trend, empowering LED products for increased value.

Functionality of Smart Modules in LED Display Screens

The traditional installation process for LED display screens involves on-site welding of steel structures, followed by assembling the cabinets. However, this approach has its flaws. If the dimensions of the steel structures are inaccurate or the welding craftsmanship is poor, it often leads to issues during cabinet assembly, such as parallelogram distortions, unevenness, misalignment, and noticeable gaps. These shortcomings significantly impact project acceptance. itc LED has achieved full intelligence in installation and maintenance. The smart modules integrated into itc LED cabinets possess functions such as temperature and humidity monitoring, horizontal and vertical angle detection, as well as signal detection. Additionally, they employ prefabricated non-welding structures, effectively reducing project timelines, enhancing product quality, and improving project acceptance rates.

Intelligent Installation Method for LED Display Screens

Before project construction commences, the screen mounting brackets, manufactured at the factory, need to be transported to the site for preparatory work. The operation involves initial stabilization followed by the assembly of the first layer of cabinets. During the assembly process, the built-in level on the cabinets continuously sends real-time horizontal and vertical angle data to the smart modules. Construction personnel can assess whether structural adjustments are necessary by referring to the data displayed on the panel. If any deviations are detected in the horizontal or vertical directions, immediate corrections can be made, significantly reducing the need for extensive rework resulting from substandard outcomes.

Smart Detection Method for LED Display Screens

In the event of a malfunction, the signal-guiding column designed on the itc LED display unit cabinet assists troubleshooting personnel in swiftly identifying issues, saving time and effort.

  • No color on the guiding column means the power supply is disconnected.
  • Red on the guiding column indicates communication issues in the unit cabinet. Check the power and signal connections for accuracy.
  • Blue on the guiding column signifies high internal temperature in the unit cabinet. Cooling assistance from air conditioning is needed.
  • Green on the guiding column indicates the normal operation of the unit cabinet.

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