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itc P2.5 LED Video Wall Installed in The Auckland Food Show

Location: Product: 2021-06-29 758

itc P2.5 LED Video Wall Installation at NEFF Stand, Food Show Auckland 2018

New Zealand loves The Food Show, where they go to stock up on the best food, drink, and kitchen equipment and learn how to cook like a star at home. Take your taste buds on a trip all over the world without leaving town. They make sampling the best cuisine from New Zealand and overseas easy by gathering the biggest broadest and most downright delicious selection of food all in one place.

Project Requirement

itc P2.5 LED Video Wall is installed in NEFF stand at the Food Show Auckland 2018. NEFF is the official sponsor of the NEFF Cooking Theatre. To properly explain New Zealand’s top culinary talent sharing their secrets on cooking fabulous meals at home, NEFF installs itc P2.5 LED Video Wall in their own stand at the Food Shows. Visitors can enjoy more food-making videos during the tasting.

Project Overview

System Introduction

itc P2.5 is a fine-pitch LED video wall with high-quality, outstanding stability and display effect. Its interlocking structure between panels is to achieve seamless splicing and quick installation. Internal design with 360 degrees omnidirectional heat dissipation, full die-cast aluminum housing to be fully cooling. With the system, power supply double backup and loop backup protection, to ensure that the normal display of the screen is when there is some fault in some loop or dual nodes. With automatic fault detection and feedback to the control room to be maintained in time and achieve true zero faults. With automatic real-time intelligent monitoring, automatic warning when in sub-health state. Ultra-thin wall structure for real front maintenance.

Customer Feedback

After product experience, our customer Jonathan wrote the following feedback on his Twitter saying “2.5mm, itc , about 20. Sq at the moment... I visited several of their factories in May and inspected the R&D, production and QC facilities - very impressed.” itc sincerely thank our customers for supporting and trusting our products!

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