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itc Provides Customizable Solutions for Genghis Khan Museum in Inner Mongolia, China

Location: Product: 2021-07-08 854

itc provides customizable solutions for Genghis Khan Museum in Inner Mongolia, China.

The first thing that catches the eye is the huge tapestry in the central hall and the dome in the shape of a yurt, and the jade sculpture on this wall is rare in China. A whole piece of jade is from Afghanistan. The craftsmen of the carving are skillful, ingenious, and amazing.

itc transparent video wall and floor tile video wall are used as the main visual presentation form. The large transparent video wall enables a real and three-dimensional natural and cultural landscape, full of classical colors and symbolic images. It creates a strong sense of immersion, allowing the audience to enjoy the ultimate historical and cultural feast.

In the museum, the black technology of itc transparent video wall is stunningly unveiled! The large LED "ice transparent video wall" was independently developed and manufactured. The lightweight screen is innovative on the basis of the original LED. It is a clear, transparent, cool screen with a colorful display effect, 360-degree viewing angle, and higher transparency. The picture seems to be suspended on the glass while watching. When the screen is turned off, the screen is so transparent that it does not exist. But when it is turned on, it gives a sense of 3D and holography. This is a fantastic product that brings the most beautiful exhibitions and performances.

At the same time, the itc floor tile video wall is connected with the transparent video wall to form an interactive display space and overall display effect, giving the audience an immersive visual experience to review history and meet the future in technology and art!

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