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itc P2.5LED Video Wall applied to Qudus University- Rafah branch ,Palestine

Location: Product: Jun 30,2021 1,031 views

Rafah is one of the Palestinian cities that the Canaanites built when they settled in Palestine. The city is distinguished by its commercial importance given its pivotal geographical location and its impact on trade. Moreover, Rafah Branch is the first higher educational institution established in Rafah; it was officially opened in 2000 to serve the Governorate and the nearby areas.

More and more universities are using LED video wall technology to present their promotional videos, as well as enhance their academic research and artistic performance effect. The combination of cutting-edge display technology and creative digital content can deliver unforgettable visual experiences to students and teachers.

This time, we are very excited to share with you the itc P2.5 LED Video Wall applied to Qudus University- Rafah branch, Palestine. This project is a 12 sqm seamless LED video wall, which features itc’s  P2.5mm product. Design and good uniformity. Perfect replacement for the LED display. Die-cast aluminum cabinet, guarantee you a flat and seamless screen lightweight.

Now,  let's take a look at the project site. As a fixed indoor product, itc P2.5 series delivers a perfect balance of excellent visual performance, ease of operation and affordability. Our customers are very satisfied with the LED video wall and our engineer service.



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