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Fast & Furious! CTCC, itc got your back!

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LED Screen Applied in Zhuzhou International Circuit

On October 27th, the Zhuzhou·China Power Valley Cup Grand Prix was held grandly. The engine of China Touring Car Champion(CTCC) took the lead in roaring. The top racers gathered together and they were ready to go.

ITC provides audio equipment and sound reinforcement solutions with IP network broadcasting systems, LED screens and professional sound systems for the competition. There are long tracks, extreme speed, inspiring cheers, the deafening roar. The ITC sounds, with stable and excellent sound quality, make the audience feel fast & furious more clearly and truly.

Zhuzhou International Circuit, 3.77 kilometers long, contains 14 corners with different radii. ITC designed a two-way linear array full-range speaker for the grandstand, which has a long projection and strong penetration, making this exciting car event with a professional sound reinforcement.

After the fierce battle, Zhang Zhiqiang and Sun Anning, respectively, won the championship of the Zhuzhou· China Touring Car Champion Super Cup and China Cup. Let us congratulate them on such an achievement!

Racing is a sport and a spirit. The yearning for freedom, fearlessness and courage is the most basic racing spirit, which has much in common with ITC's brand philosophy. It is a strong combination of fast & furious!

ITC has been 30 years and has become a leader in the field of professional audiovisual & lighting integration systems. This is closely related to the spirit of struggling and scaling new heights. Looking to the future, ITC has a long way to go. ITC insists on better quality, service, and a journey ahead. The future is worthy of your expectations.


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