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49.7664㎡Outdoor LED Screen applied to Macao Grand Prix

Location: Macao Product: P4 Outdoor LED Screen 2022-12-08 675

The Macao Grand Prix is held every November from the third Thursday to Sunday. It is the oldest street car race in the world and the only race in the world that can be held together with automobile and motorcycle races.

ITC provided a 49.7664㎡ outdoor LED screen solution for the competition. The itc outdoor LED screen, with a stable and excellent image quality, makes the audience feel fast and furious more clearly and truly.

Features of the itc Outdoor LED Screen

  • 1920Hz/3840Hz Refresh Rate: High Refresh rate reaches 3840Hz
  • Long Lifetime: Service life ≥ 100000H
  • Image Engine: Professional image quality engine management, with fine grayscale algorithm and hardware and software to achieve higher image quality, such as HDR
  • Intelligent dehumidification: AI intelligent monitoring; Automatically start dehumidification function when the humidity is too high
  • Seamless Splicing: HD seamless display, clear image edge, more comfortable visual experience
  • Five-star Protection: Fully waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-static; Anti blue light

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