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How to select an approriate LED display applied in the lecture hall?

2021-08-13 1,109

The lecture hall is mainly used for a variety of purposes, including conferences, academic discussions, speeches, reports, press releases, multimedia teaching training, movie viewing, and other activities, which needs to accommodate far more people than the conference room. As a result, it requires a higher standard LED display screen to be furnished in the lecture hall to deliver effective functions and spectacular visual performance to the audiences from all viewing angles.

Here we will give a thorough overview from three perspectives to introduce the requirements for an LED display screen in lecture hall.


First of all, the screens need to be seamlessly spliced to fulfill the lecture hall's needs for playing video, displaying data as well as ensuring the integrity of viewing. itc small-pitch LED displays are featured with seamless splicing, high-resolution pitches and refresh rate, which can provide the content is fully displayed and bring a more dramatic visual experience to the audience.

The snap-on installation method itc adopts simplifies installation process and shortens the time spent. What’s more mentioned is that it can realize the vertical and horizontal seam of the screen and the arbitrary adjustment of the flatness of the front and rear.  At the same time, wireless installation

Viewing Distance

LED display screens must be visible clearly from a long distance in the lecture hall. The 160° super wide-angle of the itc small pitch LED display ensures that audiences in various positions in the lecture hall may see the display content without expansion and deformation. Furthermore, the itc LED display screen can intelligently alter brightness based on the ambient surroundings, considerably improving visual communication with the public and providing greater comfort to the audiences during long-term meetings.

Professional Guidance

LED display screen should be installed properly in the lecture hall without switching the original layout to maximize the visual effect. itc small pitch LED display screens are designed by professional engineers according to numerous scenarios taking various factors into consideration including wall size, installation method, lamp bead spacing etc. The ideal combination of LED display screen with pro sound system, stage lighting and other equipment guarantees the smooth operation of all types of events.

Equipped with qualified scheme designer and after-sales engineer team, itc will endeavor to provide professional services and assure the successful proceeding of the project.

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