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Competitive analysis of itc C series indoor LED display

2022-07-28 940

itc C Series Indoor LED Display

Providing customers with high-quality system solutions is the core advantage of itc, and LED product is only a part of it. Our LED products are independently designed and produced, with better pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services, to better realize the high integration and stability of the solution. That is Engineering Mode Sales.

C series
Model C1.53 C1.86
Pixel pitch 1.53mm 1.86mm
Resolution 422500 pixels/m² 288906 pixels/m²
Refresh rate ≥3840Hz ≥3840Hz
Brightness 200-600CD/m² 200-600CD/m²
Contrast ≥10000:1 ≥10000:1
Cabinet size 640*480mm 640*480mm
Module size 320*160mm 320*160mm
Cabinet material Die-cast aluminum/module Die-cast aluminum/module
Protection class Die-cast aluminum enclosure IP5X
Average power consumption ≤168W/m² ≤168W/m²
Max power consumption ≤500W/m² ≤500W/m²

What are the Design Advantages of the itc C series?

No bottom case (C1.53/C1.86 cabinet)

In no plastic bottom case design, the edge of the PCB directly contacts the four sides of the die-casting cabinet for heat conduction, which can reduce the temperature by 5-10° compared with the plastic bottom case products, and eliminate the phenomenon of color drift. It directly fits the die-casting aluminum cabinet with better flatness, thinner thickness, and better appearance.

Common anode energy saving

Test (C1.86) Peer 1 Peer 2 itc
White Screen Brightness 100% Brightness cd/  600 600 600
Cabinet power consumption W/pcs 132.9 153 108
Maximum power consumption W/  433 500 352
Average power consumption W/  108 125 88
Working voltage DC






Example: conference room → 20㎡ screens → calculated based on 8 hours of usage per day (average power consumption) Peer 1: 20×108×8=17280W Peer 2: 20×125× 8= 20000W itc: 20×88×8=14080W Result: Compared with peer 1, itc saves 3200W power, about 19%; compared with peer 2, itc saves 5920W power, about 30%.

Heat dissipation

Since the actual power supply required by the RGB chip is R 2.8V, G3.8V, and B3.8V, the excess power supplied by the 5V power will be wasted (converted into heat energy). Therefore, the common anode low-voltage power supply can better achieve energy-saving effect and eliminate a large amount of heat dissipation during the use of the screen.

Let's take a closer look at the materials of the itc C series

PCB flame retardant V-0

In order to eliminate the hidden fire safety hazards in terminal use, itc PCB boards all reach the V-0 flame retardant grade, which can completely eliminate fire accidents compared with the V-1 grade of the competitors in the market.

PCB board material

Reliability Test

Lamp beads

Imported million-level chip multi-layer scanner For each batch of incoming LED lamp beads, we will make the first piece for layered scanning before mass production, and intuitively detect whether the batch of materials has problems such as air tightness, so as to prevent the occurrence of caterpillars and dead pixels in the products in the later use.


  • Professional inspection: PCB sheet analysis, line diameter and line width, via and hole wall roughness, metal migration (slightly open, slightly short), etc.
  • After slicing and grinding, use a metalloscope to check whether the PCB layer and tightness meet the requirements and whether there are hidden safety hazards.
  • Measure the line diameter, line width, hole wall roughness, etc., whether it meets the requirements.
  • Check whether there is metal migration phenomenon to avoid the hidden danger of being slightly short in the future.

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