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How to prevent fire in outdoor with full-color LED display?

2021-12-22 711

The popularity of full-color LED displays on indoor and outdoor displays has led to the quality problems and design defects of various color screen products, resulting in a lot of fire accidents, which poses a great threat to the safety of employees. In this regard, we are just beginning to explain safety accidents in more depth. How do prevent fire accidents in practice?

Full color LED display has the danger of fire, and the key lies in the defects of several main raw materials.

First, wires. When most screens are used, the more information displayed per unit area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the power stability standard of the conductor. In many wire products, only the wire conforming to national standards can ensure safety and stability.

The second is electricity. At the same time, UL-certified power supply products are also the best choice for selecting products to ensure the safe and stable operation of power load with a reasonable conversion rate, and everything is ready under the condition of high temperature in the external environment.

Third, protective materials. The aluminum-plastic plate of traditional outdoor display products ages rapidly due to high temperature, rain, cold air, cold and thermal shock. In humid climate seasons, dew is easy to penetrates the screen, resulting in short circuits of electronic components and fire accidents. In terms of the materials of the screen appearance safety protection structure, most of the display products with high fire rating on the market use fire-proof safety aluminum-plastic plate, which has good fire resistance, fire safety and flame retardancy.

Fourth, plastic products. The key of the plastic sleeve is the raw material for the lower shell of the unit module mask. The core application raw material is PC glass raw material with an internal combustion function. It not only has a flame retardant effect but also can make the adhesive that is not deformed, easy to break and well-sealed applied to one body when used for a long time in high, low and light conditions, so as to reasonably prevent external rainwater from penetrating into the room and causing fire and short circuit fault.

The internal materials not only affect the actual effect of the fire but also need external design such as cooling. Full color LED display works at high temperatures, and power consumption is also a huge test. If you use a large screen, it will be more difficult to dissipate heat. In the past, large outdoor screens were developed into internal air conditioning equipment after cooling with auxiliary cooling such as fans. At the same time, the key factors cannot be ignored in the later maintenance work. In other words, the full-color LED display should be careful in fire prevention.

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