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How to Choose Outdoor Advertising LED Display Model?

2022-10-25 1,386

Outdoor LED display screen is a kind of advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, especially in the outdoor LED display is gradually replacing canvas advertising and light box advertising, with good advertising effect. Next, we will tell you how to choose an outdoor advertising LED display model.

Outdoor LED Screen Determinants:

The pixel "P" means the distance between pixels, and the number means the distance of a few millimeters. The smaller the pixel, the denser the dots, the clearer the video effect, suitable for small areas. Close distance requires the user to select the opposite distance that is greater. The thinner the dot, the better for a large area. Distant viewing customers buy. Because both are indoor patch technology, both models are red, green and blue in one. Point spacing is the basis for the LED to distinguish the display type and determine the LED display effect. The P5 model point-spacing technology was the leader in HD display many years ago, with a single square resolution of 40,000 pixels.

Suggestions for Customer Buying Outdoor LED Screen

  • Indoor LED screen model: the hotel banquet hall or stage is about 20 square meters, suitable for displaying P4 and P5 models, if the conference room LED display area is about 12 square meters, P2 and P2.5 models. Recommended outdoor LED video wall model: if the outdoor advertisement is less than 50 square meters, you can choose P5 and P6 models, P8 models can be selected for 50-100 square meters, and P10 can be selected for more than 100 square meters. Select a specific model based on viewing distance. Require clarity and other comprehensive factors to choose the right model.
  • Brightness: indoor table stick technology belongs to the scanning drive, brightness requirements are generally more than 1600CD/㎡, in the semi-outdoor or indoor window position, need to choose a location of brightness greater than 25000 CD/㎡ brightness higher model.
  • Visual range and effect: previous stage. Background LED large screens are used for venues and various events P5 or thicker display models. Generally, you can see the pictures on both sides clearly at around 10 meters, but when you take two steps closer, awkward particles appear on the screen. Nowadays, various performing arts are developing rapidly, indoor performing arts developing rapidly, and indoor performing arts are developing rapidly. LED display walls P3 and P4 are generally selected, and HD is P2.5.

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