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What is the definition of LED display pixel pitch?

2022-03-15 918

Those who are concerned about the display sector are familiar with LED displays, but what is the pixel pitch? What's the big deal about it? It's possible that not everyone will be able to provide an accurate response. The engineer's take on the situation is as follows:

What is the definition of pixel pitch?

The density of pixels (LED chips) on an LED display is described by pixel pitch (pixel pitch), which is related to the resolution. It's also known as the dot pitch, which refers to the distance between the center of a pixel and the center of subsequent pixels ( In millimeters). A narrower pixel pitch means less space between pixels because the pixel pitch reflects the amount of space between two pixels.

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Comprehensive pitch selection:

Including BL0.9/1.2/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.8/2.5 it covers the mainstream pixel pitches on the market, meeting the display needs of various application scenes.

1 cabinet+1 card+1 power supply:

Universal cabinet design, one type of cabinet can use modules with different pitches; users can combine them freely. Follow-up product upgrades just need to replace the module; the cabinet can be recycled. For a single cabinet, only one receiving card + one power supply is required, reducing potential failure points of the screen, lowering the overall cost and the cost of spare parts.

Key Points :

  • The density of pixels is referred to as pixel pitch.
  • The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density and resolution.
  • Pixel pitch is significant because it influences viewing distance.
  • The closer the viewing distance, the lower the pixel pitch.
  • The pixel pitch value is also reflected in the screen's viewing distance.

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