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What packaging technologies are available for small-pitch LED displays?

2022-03-24 811

Surface Mount (SMD)

Welding single or multiple LED chips to a metal bracket with a plastic "cup-shaped" frame (the outer pins of the bracket are connected to the P and N grades of the LED chip respectively), filling the plastic outer frame with liquid epoxy resin or silicone glue, baking and molding at high temperature, then cutting and separating into a single surface-mount packaging device.

COB packaging technology

CoB packaging is a kind of bare chip with conductive or non-conductive adhesive glued to the interconnect substrate and then led bonding to achieve its electrical connection. The COB package uses integrated packaging technology, because a single LED device is eliminated, and the packaging is then patched. It can effectively solve the SMD package display because the point spacing is constantly shrinking, the process difficulty is increasing, the yield reduction is increased, and the COB is easier to achieve small spacing.

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