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What protective measures should be taken for outdoor LED display?

2022-03-29 726

The use environment requirements for an LED display utilized in outdoor advertising are substantially greater than for typical displays. Due to the varied environment, outdoor LED displays are frequently affected by high temperatures, typhoons, rainstorms, lightning, and other poor weather. What precautions can we take to keep the display safe in bad weather?


First, high-temperature resistance

Outdoor LED displays are generally larger, and as a result of the higher power consumption, the corresponding heat dissipation is also higher. When combined with the higher external temperature, if the heat dissipation problem is not addressed quickly, it is very likely to cause circuit board heating short circuit and other issues. Ensure that the display board is in good working order, and when building the housing, choose for a hollow design that promotes heat dissipation. When installing, ensure that the display has good air permeability and, if necessary, improve the heat dissipation equipment for the display, such as adding air conditioning or fans inside, to help the display cool.

Second, typhoon prevention

The location of an outdoor LED display is various, as is the installation method; there are wall types, mosaic types, column types, hanging types, and so on. Then, during typhoon season, tight criteria for the load-bearing steel frame structure of the outdoor LED display are put in place to prevent the screen body from sliding off. The engineering unit must be built and placed in strict accordance with anti typhoon level criteria, while also having a seismic ability to ensure that the outside LED display does not fall off, causing injuries.

Third, prevent heavy rain

In the south, there are many rainy days, thus the LED display must have a high level of waterproof protection to avoid being eroded by moisture. In an outside application, the outdoor LED display should have an IP65 rating, the module should be sealed, a waterproof box should be used, and the module and box should be connected with a waterproof ring.


Fourth, lightning protection

  • Direct lightning protection: If the outdoor LED large screen is not within the direct lightning protection range of nearby high-rise buildings, a lightning rod should be set on top of or near the steel structure of the display;
  • Induction lightning protection: the outdoor LED display power supply system adopts 1-2 power supply lightning protection, the signal line adopts signal lightning protection device, the computer room power supply system adopts 3 lightning protection, and the signal entry and exit machine room equipment end adopts signal lightning protection device;
  • All LED display lines (power supply and signal) should be shielded and buried;
  •  The outdoor LED display front end and the computer room grounding system should meet the system requirements. In general, the front-end grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 4 ohms, and the machine room grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 1 ohm.

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