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Want to have a more appealing stage rental LED video wall? Read this!

2022-05-06 805

The LED video wall rental business is one of the booming service industries in recent years. TV studios, large-scale performances, opening ceremonies of important events, sports competitions, company celebrations and other important activities are inseparable from the LED video walls. LED screen can vividly play texts, pictures and video programs, creating a changeable stage atmosphere and greatly improving the level of activities or performances.

The stable performance of the LED rental screen plays a vital role in the entire event process, especially in large-scale scenes such as stage performances and cultural activities.

Light in weight, and thin in structure, it supports hoisting and convenient installation, so as to perfectly meet the requirements of quick installation, disassembly and handling required by rental occasions. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to operate, the whole screen is fastened and connected with fast bolts; it can be installed and disassembled accurately and quickly, and different shapes can be assembled to meet the site requirements.

In addition, the optimized structure design of the unique welding process can avoid the poor contact of electronic product solder joints caused by frequent handling, etc.

Product Features

  • Elegant look: The appearance is simple and elegant; the central axis design can attract the attention of the audience; the flexible and thin splicing structure makes the whole cabinet easy to use. The aluminum bottom plate is used to improve the heat dissipation performance of the product while ensuring flatness.
  • Standardized cabinet: The cabinet size of 500*500 is more convenient for rental calculation. It is the best choice for stage background, bar activities, wedding celebrations, and performance events.
  • Seamless splicing: The gap tolerance between the cabinet and the module is controlled at 0.1mm and the flat splicing distance of the screen is controlled at 0.2mm.
  • Progressive correction: It supports progressive correction function and high refresh rate, high grayscale, high color contrast, and high color display effect.

  • Low cost:80mm cabinet thickness, 16mm module thickness takes up less space and is convenient in transportation, greatly reducing labor and time costs. The flight case can be loaded with more cabinets, and transportation costs are greatly reduced.
  • Cabinet assembly: The cabinet is small and square, which is easy to assemble quickly, saving time and labor. Quick installation The upper and lower four corners of the cabinet are equipped with locating dowels and side locks, which makes it safer and faster in the installation process of the whole screen.

  • Super protection class: The control equipment is concentrated in the central shaft sealing box, and there is a layer of sealing soft glue on the edge of the cover. When the lock catch is closed, it can achieve full sealing and waterproof protection.
  • Super stable structure: The module and the cabinet are fastened with screws, with as many as 12 screws, and an average of at least 2-3 holes on each side; There are also as many as 4 holes in the waterproof glue to maximize the waterproof function.

Cabinet Installation



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