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3 Basic designs full-color LED display for stage solution

2022-04-14 1,613

In different periods, people will have new ideas and the latest scientific and technological applications on the stage at that time, displayed in front of the audience, since the emergence of electricity has accelerated the innovation of stage technology and stage design. Stage lighting from the kerosene lamp era to the halogen tungsten lamp era, then to the later presentation of the gas discharge lamp, and then to the computer lamp era, the stage design has also shifted from the original conservative stage to the mechanical stage set. In recent years, with the emergence and development of LED technology, stage lighting has also turned to the full-color LED era, stage design has also quickly applied full-color LED to stage design and set, LED panel design appears in various stage performances in the world.

Now the design of the full-color LED display screen that is generally presented on the stage is basically divided into three types.

1. A single full-color LED display large screen as the whole stage design

How does LED screen work? The full-color LED display large screen is used as the whole stage design, the large screen is designed as the background and side screen, and the space-time in the scene is all completed by the big screen, and the actors do no physical play. Such a scene is used in many places, of course, this has its advantages, that is, to save trouble and save money, a picture, the plot of the things that should be explained, can be explained a video screen can be the entire sense of the form of the program out, especially some TV stations, bought a led screen setup, saving a large number of stage costs.

However, in doing so, it is inevitable that the entire stage will be very conceptual, the stage is very single, there is no three-dimensional sense, and the audience will see a plane slightly off-angle.

2. According to the frame of the stage, the 4k video wall as the main body

According to the frame of the stage, the stage is displayed in full color LED with the lightbox wall as the main body, and the position of the light is left around the screen of each unit. With the construction of the overall stage depth of the stage frame, the screen is staggered and hung on such a stage frame, and the shaking head computer lamp is hung between the screens and the screens. It is the depth of the screen that is arranged in such a way that the disappearance of the stage is led to the distance so that the depth of field of the entire picture becomes longer, a strong perspective effect occurs, and there is so much space for the lights to hang and play on the side, and the whole stage also loses its atmosphere and dynamics and also expresses the theme. However, in this way, the stage structure will still appear relatively single and not vivid.

3. A large screen with a full-color LED display at the center of the stage

With a LED video wall as the center of the stage" or the large background of the stage, plus the real scene in front, the stage set is formed. Make the LED screen and the real scene blend in, in line with the theme of the party, and the formal sense and three-dimensional sense of the stage is very strong, but also give the lighting has enough space, such a stage is in line with the traditional aesthetic concept, but also increased the modern scientific and technological elements, whether from the close-up view is very real, showing a more perfect stage effect.

Of course, the style of the stage is various, each era will have a different form of stage representation, but the full-color LED display screen has undoubtedly become a trend of the times, every corner of life can be seen everywhere, and the stage is indispensable. Applied science and technology are not the only means, the key is what means can be used to achieve the ideal stage effect.

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