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How to clean LED screen?

2022-07-14 1,671

The LED display needs to be cleaned before and after installation, which is a very important link to prevent the LED display from being unclear during operation. In the case of mosaic and black screens, there will be dust and other debris affecting the display after operation for a period of time. Regular cleaning and maintenance of LED displays can prolong the service life of LED displays and improve the service quality of LED displays. Now we will introduce it to you:

Method of cleaning semi-finished LED module

When the LED module is only a semi-finished product without a kit, it needs to be cleaned with special plate washing water. After the LED module is dyed with some plate washing water, it is brushed with a brush to accelerate the dissolution of rosin and the falling off of flux, and remove dust and impurities.

How to clean the LED display after installation?

After the LED electronic display screen is installed and displayed for a period of time, dust and impurities will accumulate. In order not to affect the display effect of the display screen, it is necessary to add clean water or water to clean the surface of the LED display screen to remove different types of dirt. Be very careful when cleaning, and do not bring the cleaned water to the back of the LED module.

Detergent and special equipment required for cleaning outdoor LED display

  • LED display cleaning fluid: it has the advantages of environmental protection, dust removal and no damage to the screen. It is the choice to replace chemical cleaners.
  • LED display repair agent: This product has multiple functions. In other words, the dual functions of glazing and repair make the LED display as bright as new. At the same time, it has anti-static, dust-proof and anti-corrosion functions.
  • Special tools: spraying machine, pneumatic brush, special brush, etc.
  • Clean the platform: set up scaffolding, steel pipe rack, pipe hanger and aerial work vehicle.

What are the steps to clean the outdoor LED display?

  • Dust removal: that is, blow dust in the same direction, from left to right or from right to left. Use a professional brush to clean the dust or dirt on the surface of the display module. When cleaning, clean the pneumatic brush evenly according to the pollution degree, service life, or aging of the display screen;
  • Cleaning: spray the special cleaning solution onto the module surface with a spraying machine for preliminary cleaning;
  • Secondary dust removal: use a professional brush to clean the dust off the LED display module again. Note: this cleaning requires replacing the brush. The brush can be reused, but it needs to be cleaned to avoid re-contamination;
  • Secondary cleaning: spray the special cleaning solution on the surface of the module for secondary cleaning to remove the dust left by the secondary dust removal. The ratio of cleaning fluid to water is determined by the residual dirt on the surface of the display screen. If there is not much dirt, you can spray it with clean water. Keep the spraying direction consistent from top to bottom or from top to left;
  • Blow dry: it can be dried naturally without special conditions, such as high humidity and low temperature;
  • Repair: spray the special repair fluid evenly onto the surface of the display screen with a spraying machine for surface repair;
  • Under the condition of air drying left temperature wind speed pen, it can be naturally dried. Under the condition of low temperature, it can be dried with an air gun, and the air pressure is required to be less than 3kg.

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