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P3.91 Transparent LED Screen Features and Application Site Analysis

2022-08-31 1,113

In the field of LED transparent screens, different models of products have different application needs. it is not something you simply pick and choose. the foremost used model on the market is the transparent LED large screen P3.91. Let's make a selected analysis of this product:

The spacing of the LED transparent screen P3.91 is really 3.91mm/7.81mm, that is, the spacing between the horizontal lamp beads is 3.91mm, and also the longitudinal lamp bead spacing is 7.81mm. Therefore, its pixel density may be calculated (1000÷3.91) × (1000÷7.81) = 32256dot/m2.

The greater the pixel density, the sharper the display effect, so the P3.91 transparent LED large screen display effect is obvious. But the clearer, the dearer the screen body per unit area, which is additionally well understood: because the quantity of lamp beads per unit area is larger, the lamp beads are one of the most factors affecting the worth of the transparent screen.

But clarity and transparent screens are contradictory to some extent. The clearer the screen, the lower the transparent screen, because the density of the lamp beads and also the spacing between the sunshine strips become smaller, that the occlusion becomes more, of course, the permeability is going to be low. At present, the permeability of LED transparent screen P3.91 can reach about 65%. itc further improves the permeability by optimizing the structure of the ability box and also the light bar, without affecting the steadiness of the merchandise and also the playback effect, up to 75%.

The more advanced the screen, the higher it's for up-close viewing. Therefore, the transparent LED large screen P3.91 may be a screen for close viewing. it's usually suitable for viewing distances of 4 to twenty meters. Therefore, it's more employed in indoor shop windows and shopping center atriums. These areas should be viewed from close distances and need high playback clarity. And it also needs a specific degree of permeability. Overall, P3.91 is the most fitted. If you look closely, the realm is usually not very large. Therefore, its application area is generally within 60 square meters.

Summary: For Indoor close-up viewing, the screen area isn't large, and there are requirements for playback clarity and transparency, the P3.91 transparent LED screen is your best option.

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