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LED Screen for Smart Bank Solution

2022-09-07 1,187

Considering the best viewing distance, image resolution and cost, a fine pitch LED display can be selected. It is used for the display of various data, video files, pictures and texts in the command center of bank.

  • The net size of the display: designed according to the height and width of the wall;
  • The display adopts a bottomless design; the cabinet is in direct contact with the module, improving heat dissipation;
  • Flat LED screen or curved LED screen is optional as needed.

System Features:

  • High frame rate (≥60Hz) and refresh rate (3840Hz): Using nanosecond display technology, eliminating the smearing, ghosting and superimposition that appears when LCD and DLP are processing fast dynamic images.
  • Intelligent brightness adjustment, energy saving: The integrated control solution, combined with temperature control and light control technology, smartly adjust the brightness according to the changes in the surrounding environment.
  • Flexible maintenance method: Modular design, equipped with independently designed maintenance tools for mold opening. While ensuring flatness, it is convenient for front maintenance and is suitable for all kinds of space-constrained use environments.
  • Low brightness and high grayscale: the layering of the dark parts is highlighted.

  • The minimum viewing distance, that is, the allowable closest viewing distance, the calculating method is Lmin=P×1000;
  • The best viewing distance, that is, the distance where the human eye cannot see the graininess of the screen, the calculating method is L=P×3000;
  • The max viewing distance is the maximum distance for normal viewing of the screen. The calculating method is Lmax=screen height×30;
  •  The LED video wall is a display system composed of LED lamp beads arranged one by one. It is necessary to select the specification and model according to the minimum viewing distance (i.e. the minimum viewing distance Lmin=P×1000).

Considering the height of the command center, it can be seen from the vertical view that the elevation angle is within 30° and the depression angle is within 15° from the nearest to the farthest viewing point during work, that is, this height meets the best viewing requirements.

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