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LED Display Makes Smart Medical Enter the “Ultra HD Era”

2022-10-12 1,344

The medical industry is one of the industries closest to people's livelihoods. The repeated COVID-19 outbreaks push the establishment and improvement of public health security system to the forefront of people's livelihood. Enhancing the capacity of public health services in the medical system and improving people's quality of life is the primary goal of current and future medical construction.

Accelerating the development of digitalization includes promoting the digitalization of medical institutions to provide smart and convenient medical services. itc led display rapidly occupies a place in the application of various medical institutions through deep integration with other information technology.

Wisdom information shows: efficient medical treatment

With the advantages of high brightness, high brush, controllability, seamless stitching, stable display and so on, itc clear led screen perfectly meets the needs of medical information display in the outpatient hall, detailed display of drug prices, departments, doctors' schedules, procedures, health and safety tips and other information, so that patients can seek medical treatment efficiently without confusion.

High-definition full color display screen wonderful explanation: medical popularization

A colorful, high-definition dynamic LED screen, can clearly play the medical science knowledge video, show the hospital characteristics of subjects, authoritative experts sitting, medical strength, hospital image introduction...... Quickly attract the attention of passers-by, and spread medical and healthcare knowledge to more people.

Quick response without delay: assist remote diagnosis and treatment

Medical assistance is a race against time. When space is limited and remote diagnosis and treatment are required, every second delay may affect the safety of treatment. Strong giant color indoor LED display has high resolution, high-definition display, and high-performance chips to meet the needs of rapid response to remote diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive visualization full color LED display screen: real-time grasp of the epidemic situation

The led screen of itc has the characteristics of infinite splicing and zero gaps, which can display the hospital scene in a comprehensive and high-definition manner. It is an excellent terminal display platform for the hospital to monitor epidemic data and emergency command center.

The intelligent medical system built by means of information technology makes the application of led display screen in the medical and health field more and more popular.

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