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What is the difference between front and rear maintenance LED display?

2023-02-01 1,331

Differences between Front and Rear Maintenance LED full-Color display

LED full color display products after decades of development, the competition has become white-hot. Products continue to update, technology continues to iterate and upgrade, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent product development trend. What is the difference between front maintenance LED full-color display and rear maintenance?

LED full color display maintenance is difficult, has become a pain point for many customers, for the use of Mosaic, wall-mounted installation of customers, overhaul and maintenance work becomes difficult, it can be said to be involved in the whole body. LED full-color display products should not only conform to the standardization but also meet simplification, in order to meet the growing mass market demand.

The advent of front maintenance LED full-color display fundamentally solves the pain points of complex maintenance. In the front maintenance LED full color display in the process of use, once the display fails, just from the LED full color display in front of the unscrew, you can realize the repair or replacement of the problem module, let LED full color display maintenance becomes simple.

When it comes to maintenance, the maintenance of LED full-color displays is mainly divided into front maintenance and rear maintenance, what is the difference between the two maintenance methods?

Advantages and differences between pre-maintenance and rear maintenance

Front maintenance: The main feature of front maintenance is to save space. For indoor Mosaic or wall-mounted structures, space is very expensive, so it will not leave too much place as a maintenance channel. Therefore, front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED full-color display structure, which can not only be well integrated with the surrounding building environment but also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this structure requires high heat dissipation function.

Rear maintenance: The advantage of rear maintenance is that the price is relatively low. It is suitable for roof-type and column-type installation scenarios, and the inspection and maintenance are convenient and rapid. For large, full-color LED displays mounted on the exterior walls of buildings, there must be access for maintenance and repair from the back of the screen.

itc LED Display Cabinet Technology

Front maintenance LED full-color displays revolutionize the way maintenance is done. Unit mode-based front maintenance is convenient compared to traditional rear maintenance of the cabinet. Using a hex wrench, insert and rotate through the front invisible maintenance hole, and the rear latch of the module opens. The module can be easily removed and maintained in seconds.

The maintenance of LED full-color display is not only easy to maintain, compared with the traditional LED full-color display, but it is also much thinner and lighter. There is no need for a special maintenance channel behind the LED full-color display, which is especially suitable for the installation environment with limited space or the wall-mounted LED full-color display. Since there is no need for a maintenance channel, the space requirements can be reduced.

The existing front maintenance modules are standard size, greatly simplifying the screen body design scheme. Auto-grade waterproof apron design, waterproof performance is outstanding. In addition, based on the front maintenance LED full color display cabinet rear closed design, get rid of the rear door space constraints, the whole screen can be arbitrarily large, breaking through the traditional front maintenance cabinet size restrictions. The front maintenance design is becoming an important trend in the development of LED full-color displays, and the front maintenance LED full-color display will also be full of broad market prospects, bringing new visual feelings and user experience for our customers.

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