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itc LED Display Railway Station Solution

2023-05-05 1,328

Guiding information in the station is a silent language that provides timely train dynamic information, ticketing guidance information, waiting and guiding information, and boarding guidance information for passengers and staff, enabling passengers to make correct judgments and complete travel activities quickly and conveniently. Through the operation of the system, passengers can complete self-service entry, waiting, boarding, and related services with various fixed and dynamic display boards without the guidance of station staff. Therefore, the accuracy of station information, the recognizability of guidance information graphics, the setting of display boards, and the advanced nature of display devices are all very important.

Implementation Effect

itc's railway station LED display has an ultra-wide viewing angle, is displayed without dead angles, and is suitable for multi-angle viewing. There is no color cast, distortion, or reflection in the image, and the display coverage area is much larger, allowing citizens in different corners of the station lobby to view real-time updated train information in a timely and convenient manner. It adopts a redundant N+1 backup power supply mode and a loop hot backup

communication system, which reduces the average failure rate to one in a hundred thousand, greatly reducing the occurrence of black screens due to power supply abnormalities, effectively enhancing the reliability of the display screen, and meeting the needs of the station's continuous work for a long time to provide convenient services. It adopts advanced energy-saving circuit design and temperature control and light control technology, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding environment changes, greatly improving the overall energy-saving effect, with low power consumption, greatly reducing the operating and maintenance costs of the station's display screen.

Specific Functions

  • Fast frame change speed, high refresh rate
  • Low brightness, high gray, super clear non-destructive technology
  • Signal dual backup
  • Zero noise
  • Long service life, stable for a long time
  • Flexible maintenance and installation methods
  • Micro-adjustment design for seamless splicing

Overall, the itc Railway Station LED Display System is an advanced and reliable solution that meets the needs of railway stations for accurate and timely information provision.

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