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Analyze the Design Elements of LED Video Wall Screen for Traffic Command Center

2022-10-19 1,162

Information visualization as today's traffic command center monitoring purpose, in order to improve its level of traffic management command, daily management, improve efficiency, strengthen the dynamic control, really meet the requirements of business of actual combat, in ultra HD display, high refresh rate of the small spacing led video wall screen as the leading home show program gradually become the display trend in recent years.

What objective factors should be fully considered in the design of LED video wall screen scheme?

With high resolution, high contrast of professional grade display effect

Compared with common DLP splicing screen, after the transformation of the small spacing LED screen can achieve high refresh rate, ultra wide Angle, enclosure resolution to realize point-to-point connections, the overall picture HD seamless splicing, the precise image response, without delay, bright color uniformity, eliminate dark bright, ghost, effectively showcase, application of various kinds of traffic data.

High stability

The installation structure is not affected by external factors, and the screen assembly is fast and efficient with overall stability and easy maintenance; With real-time error detection function, with comprehensive protection function, to solve the problem of high-frequency maintenance products.

High reliability

  • Effectively eliminate the underlying signal transmission failure, reduce the transmission failure probability, so that the overall failure rate is reduced;
  • After professional certification and strict engineering testing, the system runs stably and reliably 7*24 hours, and ensures information security.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

  • Adopt environmental protection high metal strength shell, free of lead mercury and other harmful substances;
  • Heat dissipation quiet operation, long service life, low power consumption, to create a safe and quiet working environment.

Signal diversity

Have the ability to process analog signal, digital signal and network signal simultaneously. The display system should provide real-time and accurate information and communication services, summarize the micro information of urban traffic into macro information at the level of urban traffic, and accurately and directly convey instructions to the traffic instruction line.

High recognition

Large indoor LED screen splicing has a wide range of applications, and users have a high degree of cognition, making it easier to operate and use.

System intensive

System-level equipment, high degree of integration, with decoding, stitching, display functions.

These LED video wall screen visualization carriers in the control room, composed of LED screens with small spacing, meet the requirements of efficient display and multi-person monitoring of the daily work of the traffic monitoring and command center and help the traffic monitoring and command center make scientific decisions more efficiently and with high quality. At present, the traffic command center of several key cities has applied the small-spacing LED visualization scheme.

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