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Application of LED Display Screen in Transportation Field

2022-09-29 1,274

With the development of LED display technology, in recent years in the field of transportation, LED display is more and more widely used, many places with the display instead of the original signage. The traditional signage can not shine, poor visibility in rainy and foggy weather,  lack of real-time display ability, in the development of society will be replaced by more advanced and more effective products. Now, LED display has actually been applied to high-speed toll stations, highways, urban roads, airports, train stations, ports and other fields.

LED display has incomparable advantages over traditional signage and is an important part of traffic informatization. So, what are the advantages or functions of traffic LED displays?

 Information release

Traffic LED display screen can be used as a variable information board, various occasions of information release screen can update the information in real-time, generally located in the highway toll station, the middle of the road, or on both sides, convenient for passing drivers and pedestrians to receive information in time.

Traffic instructions

Traffic instructions are traffic guidance screens, which are generally located on highways or urban roads and provide information about traffic lines, such as traffic jams and road closures, to guide vehicles to drive along prescribed routes.

 Road Monitoring

Road monitoring mainly refers to the small distance between the traffic command and dispatching center and the monitoring center. The monitoring center implements remote control, transmits and displays the speed limit mileage or short traffic information of the section, prompts the vehicles to speed limit and ensures driving safety.

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