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What is itc Flexible Soft LED Screen Module?

2022-09-17 1,243

The flexible soft LED screen of itc is a type of screen body launched for small and medium-sized intelligent conferences, financial investment, real estate, high-end clubs and group buildings. The feature of this type of LED screen is that the screen can be bent at a certain Angle, and it can be specially processed according to the decoration style of customers. And the flexible screen basically covers all the spacing of LED on the market (including P1.56, P1.57, P1.6, P1.87, P2.01, P2.51, P3.01, P4.01), which can be used on different occasions and different fields. Because the screen needs to be bent, there are great requirements for the firmness of the PCB board.

Our company uses soft adhesive thickening and aging-resistant silica gel material, which greatly extends the service life of the flexible soft LED screen, makes the screen flatness better and is not easy to unglue.

Why is ITC's flexible LED screen good?

Then, I will take you to have an in-depth understanding of the advantages of our LED flexible module products. Material selection is a very important part of LED system, the choice of material determines the quality of the LED. Because of the material selection, the use of four-layer PCB board, the bottom shell soft rubber thickening. The bottom plate is made of aging-resistant material silica gel, which is not smooth. The hole at the bending is large and the heat dissipation performance is good. The magnet can be rotated to adjust the high and low Angle, the adsorption force is increased by 80%, high stability, not easy to fall off. The use of international first-class chip manufacturers, beads using domestic brand, pure copper lamp line, or pure gold line.

Flexible LED screens through good flexibility can be spliced design in different environments, the display effect is not the same as the traditional LED, flexible screen can be bent through the flexibility of the screen body spliced, to achieve different design effects, common flexible screen spliced into cylindrical, spherical, curved screen.

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